ParentHopes is an organization where you can accelerate your child’s future as it works in making school , parents and teachers closer.

With ParentHopes it will be easier to get every single information about your child on your hand by our services like text messages, emails etc.

Imagine a world where all your school information is accurate, available and always presented exactly as you want it. A world where you are no longer a slave to your data - instead, you are its master.With ParentHopes, it will be easier to guide your child with full confidence because the information you need is at your fingertips.The first time that parents hear about chapters and topics taught in the classroom should not be when that child goes home with a chapter related assignment in hand. Instead, start early. “Back to School Night” is a great time to introduce the concept of chapter integration to parents. You don’t need to go into detail: a few words about the importance of chapter in the “exam” and the opportunity it allows for collaboration and communication can be enough to get parents excited.

Keep up the Communication at the start of every new chapter, send a note out to parents about what you will be doing in your classroom, including your chapter plans. Outline the skills that their student will be developing and be sure to invite questions and promise follow-up. Most parents like to stay in the loop and know what’s happening in the classroom. Trust me, they will appreciate the effort. Most important: keep it brief! A short email of just a few lines is more likely to be read than a two-page treatise on pedagogical theory. Just keep it simple and to the point.Be transparent be open to sending parents your exam instructions and any rubric you will use to assess their child’s work. Like it or not, parents care about grades. If you can show them what you will be looking for and exactly how their student will be graded, they’ll feel more comfortable with the exam as a whole.Keep parents in the loop throughout the year. If their child has just finished an impressive project, drop them a note and suggest that they sit down to see the finished product with their child. Even the most reluctant parents tend to be excited when they see the work their student has produced.

We provide information like general reports, academic report and formative report.

What we do

It is possible to target individuals and groups, using mail merge templates or one-off messages. All within the ParentHopes, to ensure only authorized staff can transmit texts.To complement these features, we are offering a text bundle service that has self service ordering and an auto top-up facility.