Mission and Vision


ParentHopes is committed to helping parents of children by providing every details of their ward by the medium of text message and mails.We believe our mission and the service we provide may be of interest to individuals like you who are seeking opportunities to impact the life of a child.


Our vision is to help parents to lift up the children , to not only learn to rise up and meet their challenges , but to go on to live extraordinary lives. We are working for making school smarter.

What we believe

We believe in networks. Meaningful, powerful, intentional connected experiences. Creating a purposeful network is a learned skill that leads to better professional practice and a fuller personal life. We believe in capacity-building. We are dedicated to the ongoing development of expertise, both within ourselves as a team and in each of the learners we are privileged to work with every day. We believe in learning and reflecting deeply. We know this takes perseverance, even as we push new colleagues to explore ideas and concepts, to rethink, revise, unpack and repack, always resisting the urge to finish prematurely. We believe in student agency and entrepreneurialism. Deep learning requires students to think, question, pursue, and create—to take agency and ownership of their learning. We believe in modeling ourselves out of a job. We want our educators to take what they’ve learned with us and their powerful legacy project back to their classroom, school, or city, and set the world on fire.